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GervGirl's Blog

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9/27/10 06:53 pm

Wow I am just now seeing my twitter posts have not been updating on here for a long while. I had no idea. I guess I will have to try and update this again without twitter unless some one can tell me how to set it up again. I don't remember how I did it. Plus I was doing the video blog that I will look to start up again. For now you guys can find me and updates on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and of course in my Yahoo Group.

11/22/09 08:00 pm

  • 00:19 My poor princess got sick all over the bathroom tonight. Think it was something she ate. #

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11/21/09 08:00 pm

  • 01:21 I have my laptop back and fixed!!! John is the man! #
  • 15:01 New Hair fetish video up ping.fm/I0qPk #
  • 15:18 I am dragging so much today #
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11/20/09 08:01 pm

  • 15:16 Having problems getting my new videos upload to my store. Hopefully I will have them uploaded by tonight. #

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11/17/09 08:00 pm

  • 13:09 New ass worship video post up for you bitch bois ping.fm/GoWsI #

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11/14/09 08:00 pm

  • 00:15 Filmed videos today so keep your eyes out for new videos next week. #

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11/6/09 08:01 pm

  • 17:22 My hands feel so cold right now and I can't warm them up. brrr #

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10/15/09 08:01 pm

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10/14/09 08:02 pm

  • 08:40 My princess has been fighting an ear infection for over a month that just does not want to go away. :o( #
  • 08:48 And I am hating the cold weather that has decided to come through. Boo for winter #
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9/29/09 02:19 pm - New Stuff

I have added lots of new fetish to my clip store http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/14420 and membership site http://ggmilf.c4slive.com/ in the last month or so. Just been bad about posting up dates here. Now that my daughter is back in school I have more time once again.

Cam have been down. I had my laptop crap out on me and I am in the middle of getting it fixed. I hope to have it back running very soon. Until then cams will be down.

I have had many requests from a lot of you on videos and new fetish ideas. I have been able to make some of them. I will be getting to all of your requests so if it isn't up yet then keep checking back. I will get to them.

Keep all the great ideas and requests coming guys!
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